Since the government published the Roadmap to reopening our society I’ve been working on a plan to reopen my business and to return to service. As my studio is a home studio my highest priority is the safety and well-being of my family and customers. I hope this guide will ease some of your concerns and answers some of your questions. If you have any other concerns or questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at info@alinakungazda.com

Many of you are reopening you businesses and will need images to promote your new services. Some of you are going through the process of applying for a new job and will need to update your LinkedIn profiles and you CV, a good headshot could make a huge difference. But all of us need a confidence boost after spending the last two months in isolation, wearing pyjamas and wondering if the jeans will fit us again.

During this lockdown, my family experienced loss and grievance and it was again confirmed to me that family portraits are priceless. Find a photographer and book a session as soon as possible because you only have this moment, now! Live in the now and stop postponing your dreams and your aspirations. Stop saying “One Day” and use TODAY instead!

Phase 1

At this point, we are allowed to travel 5km from home and to meet four people who don’t live with us. Social distancing is still very important and we need to keep 2m apart. HSE is recommending the use of face coverings only in busy public spaces like shops or pubic transport. As facial expressions and communication are a huge element of a portrait session, masks and gloves will not be worn by anyone involved in your session. We will look for remote locations, we will schedule your session outside busy hours and keep the number of people involved to less than four, when possible.

We will only have to meet, outdoors, for your portrait session as everything else will be done via Zoom.

Phase 2

We can now travel 20km and short home visits in small groups are allowed. We will now have more options for locations, depending or the area but we can now introduce the back garden session. We can even set up a studio in your back garden so you can have more privacy and feel more relaxed during your session. Again, everything will be very carefully planned in advance, to the smallest details via Zoom.

Phase 3

We will continue to stay within the guidelines and offer outdoor and mobile studio sessions as in Phase1 and Phase 2

Phase 4

This will be the moment when we reintroduce our studio sessions. As hairdressers and make-up artists are now returning to work, your hair styling and makeup will be done by a professional. We are scheduling only one session per day, and our shooting days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The consultations, styling and reveal appointments are still available only online via Zoom as we are still trying to keep direct contact to a minimum. We have very strict rules and cleaning procedures, please email us and we will send you a document that contains all the details.

Phase 5

We will continue our work in the studio, still following the cleaning procedures and HSE guidelines. Consultations will still be done via Zoom but we will meet you for your styling and your reveal appointment.